Introducing ‘Mizzou Phi Psi 150’

Mizzou Phi Psi 150 is a three-part plan for bringing MO Alpha back to the Mizzou campus. The plan, established by MO Alphans spanning many decades of membership, sets a course to make the Chapter House more competitive and help attract top-quality members. The desire is to not only ensure the Chapter’s rebirth, but to put in place a new framework that will fortify the Chapter and enhance its competitiveness in the Mizzou Greek system.

(Note: The plan grew out of vigorous and widespread informal discussions among Chapter alumni following the suspension of the Phi Psi charter at the University of Missouri. See a summary and the letter from Housing Corp. for more details.)

For many years, a small core of dedicated brothers has done whatever was necessary to keep the Chapter going. Year-in, year-out, they sacrificed mightily to keep the doors open. Their work was truly meritorious and worthy of everyone’s appreciation. However, we’re now in a different state and need to recognize we have a different job to do. It will be a burden that’s too big for a few brothers to carry and, frankly, we will fail if we don’t have more alumni involved.

In that light, Mizzou Phi Psi 150 has started discussions with University of Missouri leaders and has met with numerous Phi Psis. Those meetings – by email, via teleconference, in person — have included National Phi Psi officers, Mo Alpha alumni and leaders in national fraternity fundraising.

This website will serve as a resource to move forward, while archiving the regrettable developments that brought us here (not to blame, or to cause division, but to serve as a transparent timeline of the events from which we now must emerge).

Together, we can – and we will – bring Phi Kappa Psi back to the University of Missouri.